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Mandahla Rose plays "Taylor" who is actively trying to attract the love of her life through daily affirmations and living as though she is with the love of her life.  

Native to Australia, Mandahla can build a motorcycle from scratch, has a penchant for El Camino's and is the proud owner of unusual pets. 

IG:  twiistedrose

Twitter:  TwiistedRose

imdb:  Mandahla Rose


Mav Viola plays "Logan" Taylor's best friend and comical muse who is helping Taylor move on and into the next phase of her life.  Logan is destiny's guide and helping force supporting the energy one put's out as the energy one receives despite her flirtatious ways.

Mav is a successfully established comedian and actor.  She coaches pee wee basketball who believes in the practice and rewards of manifesting the love of one's life as she can attest to and being the change one wants to see in the world.

IG:  @mavviola

Twitter:  @MavViola

imdb:  Mav Viola


Rudi Aliza plays "Cammie" a true romantic at heart who is open and ready to receive.  A singer/songwriter, Cammie also practices a life of intention.  Little does she know, her manifestation has given birth to the arrival of Taylor.

Originally from Texas, Rudi is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and actor.  She is currently working on a new album and with her expansion into acting, it's only a matter of time before she's a household name.

IG:  @rudi_aliza

Twitter:  Rudi_Aliza

imdb:  Rudi Aliza