Stephanie Neroes - Executive Producer/Writer/Director


Allison Graham - Executive Producer

Allison has worked for Artisan Entertainment, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox, Miramax and Dreamworks SKG as Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Producer working with such titans as Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Timur Bekmamvetov and Tim Burton.

She was one of the key business strategists behind The Blair Witch Project marketing campaign, leading the team responsible for revolutionizing the way the Internet and film marketing were viewed.


Born in Long Beach, CA she moved to Louisiana and lastly Texas working on such show's as the last 'DALLAS' MOV and the Emmy Award winning kids show, 'Wishbone.' Allison has worked on over 50 Film, Television and Digital projects including another Emmy Award winning show, 'Touched by an Angel' filmed in Salt Lake City, UT. 


She founded Alpha Girl Productions, LLC in 2010 looking to harness her vast experience as an Assistant Director, Line Producer and Producer into projects that would and could help support women in the entertainment industry. 


Independent Filmmaker, supporter of LGBTQ rights and female in film empowerment.